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Day Out of the Shelter for Conrad and Lucy the German Shepherds

Today’s special farm day was for a very special pair; Lucy and Conrad the German Shepherds.

They’ve been through a lot together. They’re a breeding pair surrendered to the shelter by a backyard breeder, just a couple of weeks ago. Lucy is 7 and Conrad is 4.

It is suspected that Lucy is pregnant again. This is the 8th time we believe.

They’re very used to being together and share a pen together at the shelter. It has been recommended that they be adopted together and today they came to the farm together.

We’ve worked with quite a few pairings of dogs where the relationship isn’t quite working. Litter mates and non-related same breed pairs can have relationship issues. We quickly discovered after letting them off leash that Conrad was giving Lucy a hard time.

Luke explains the dynamic and why training Conrad is so important for this adoption. He’s not naturally a leader, but he’s trying very hard to be it. It’s just very misguided, a little unhealthy and resulting in taking his frustration out on Lucy.

What we all have to remember here is that these guys need time, they need to trust and they need for someone to make a connection. Conrad needs it. And Lucy needs for Conrad to have that too.

We can love to think they belong together, because they’ve been put together by a backyard breeder for so long, but it is our responsibility as humans to make sure we guide a healthy relationship between all our dogs. We owe it to them.

Conrad is extremely responsive and wants to do the right thing. He is an extremely sweet boy. He will be very easily trained, no question at all. We are offering this free of charge with adoption.

Lucy is so easy going and is such a sweetheart.

Both Conrad and Lucy had a great day at the farm. They loved being free range wandering through the bush and paddock. They loved swimming in the dam the most. Both are confident swimmers.

Please help us find a forever home for these two beautiful German Shepherds. They deserve for someone to put the time in and love them for the rest of their lives. Conrad is desperate for someone to lead them both and take all his worry away. Please share their video and together we can find their home, these guys deserve it so much.

If you’d like to adopt Conrad and Lucy here are the links to their profile:

If you’d like to follow Luke and Jason’s training journey online:

Thank you everyone