Bullmastiff, a successful mix between a Bulldog and a Mastiff.

The name says it all. This breed is the result of a cross between a Bulldog and a

Mastiff . When there was a need for a better watchdog, this seemed like the perfect combination. Especially in England this breed became a huge success.

A giant with a heart of gold

The Bullmastiff can grow up to 66cm tall and weigh up to 70kg. It is an ideal watchdog. Due to his large and powerful build, he has a dangerous appearance. He is extremely handy and has a lot of stamina. Intruders don't stand a chance. He seems dangerous, but looks can be deceiving. It is usually a calm, rather passive dog, until it gets into a situation where it has to defend itself or its owner.

Some specific features make it extremely popular all over the world. Anyone who does not know the breed would not dare to leave him with children. Nevertheless, the Bullmastiff is a true children's friend. He understands very quickly what is vulnerable, and that is one of his most valuable character traits. He loves his owners and especially children. In addition, he is very tolerant. Children can often be quite rough with dogs. They don't realize they could hurt them, but the Bullmastiff usually doesn't mind. Keep an eye on! Never leave your child alone with a dog. Not with any dog.

Quality time

If you choose a Bullmastiff, keep in mind that it is a very affectionate animal . He needs company. Take plenty of time to walk, jog and play with him. The bond with your dog will only get stronger. Also, provide proper behavior and obedience training. Without proper training, your sweet Bullmastiff can become a stubborn critter. Especially with an owner who allows too much, this can get out of hand.

It is important that as an owner you show that you are the boss, before he thinks he is the boss. are about you. However, this doesn't mean you have to be strict or cruel. Don't yell or kick him, be patient! To show that you are in charge, it is enough to appear determined. The earlier you start this training, the better chance of success. The later you start, the harder it will be for both of you. Daily training is a must! That's how your dog gets used to the routine.

Grooming your Bullmastiff doesn't take much time. Brushing your teeth now and then, taking a bath and clipping your nails is sufficient. This gives you more time to spend together in a fun way. You will be amazed at what wonderful dog lurks in the Bullmastiff. With proper training, love and attention, it will make an excellent watchdog with a sweet disposition and your best friend.

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